Kanye West has gone from screaming at paparazzi photographers in his driveway at 3 in the morning to potentially buying the paparazzi companies to determine which pictures get out.

During Nick Cannon's interview with the controversial legend, Kanye West told him that he has been considering purchasing a paparazzi company for a long time, and he might just pull the trigger.

With over $3 billion in his bank account and, allegedly, more money than Donald Trump, Kanye West detailed why he wants to gain ownership of TMZ and other paparazzi companies.

"I know it's down because of COVID... I am hiring," he said to any prospective paparazzi photographers listening to his interview on Cannon's Class. "I'll buy all the paparazzi companies. I wanna pick the exact photo at the exact-- It's always been an idea of mine. I should just purchase the paparazzi companies."

After Nick Cannon chimed in and said that he's pretty sure TMZ is actually for sale, Kanye says that, "In America, everything is for sale except for our souls." All that was needed was a mic drop. It was implied.

Elsewhere during his conversation with Nick Cannon, Kanye speaks on censorship, his current Presidential run, whether or not Trump is funding his campaign, and more.