With a successful G.O.O.D. Fridays two-song run, a release date, and now a tracklist, anticipation for Kanye West's forthcoming album SWISH couldn't be much higher. All this anticipation will culminate on February 11, when Kanye West will liberate SWISH at the Yeezy Season 3 premiere at Madison Square Garden and live-stream the event in theaters across the globe.

The professional internet sleuths of Reddit unearthed a announcement for the extravaganza on a German website. You may remember that Kanye premiered new music at the Yeezy Season 2 premiere in September, so not a surprise to see him sticking to the cross-promotion formula.

Keep an eye on Tickets.KanyeWest.com and Ticketmaster.com for ticket info. Tickets are already available at 11 theaters in Germany via Cinemaxx. If Germany gets 11 theaters, chances are the event will be streamed at hundreds of theaters globally.