Kanye West doesn't tweet all that often, but when he does... Ooh boy, you're gonna want to grab some popcorn. We were reminded of this today when dude went for Wiz Khalifa's neck, giving him a list of 17 (?!) commandments/reasons he's inferior to Mr. West. That those tweets were swiftly deleted is even more indicative of Ye's general demeanor on Twitter, which usually features brash statements that are available only in screenshot form an hour or so after they're tweeted. 

Beyond that though, the usually dour rapper sometimes uses his account to show sides of himself that we previously only got on "Hey Mama" and "Family Business," posting touching tributes to the recently deceased and/or his mother. But mostly, he'll be remembered for his Tracy Jordan-esque comments on luxuries that we peasants can only laugh and scratch our heads at. Without further adieu, here are THE BEST TWEETS EVER-- or rather, the best KANYE tweets ever.