Kanye West's launch for Ye wasn't extravagant as The Life Of Pablo but it was just as memorable. The rapper flew out tons of influencers, journalists, critics and fellow celebrities to hear the album for the first time ever in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It's likely the first time that any rapper has hosted their album listening party in Wyoming but according to a new report, attendees were eating good out there.

According to TheBlast, Kanye West hired some local businesses to hook up the food and beverage for 'Ye's event. Kanye hired Big Hole BBQ for the catering for the event. Since Kanye's been spending a whole lot of time in Jackson Hole, it makes sense that he's made himself familiar with the local cuisine. They report he's a "big fan" of their ribs and always gets the baby backs. 

The party went through a whole lot of BBQ for the event. The report says Big Hole came through with an eight person crew. They went through 150 racks of ribs and 175 lbs of chicken. In addition, there was a lot of mac & cheese, coleslaw and beans served, all of it consumed by attendees. Kim and Kanye also didn't have any sort of "special catering" and ate with everyone else at the party.

Kanye hired local brewery, Roadhouse Brewing Co., to serve beverages for the evening. The party went through 600 beers that evening. 

Overall, Kanye made sure people at his listening party were well fed.