Sometimes, the extent of Kanye West's genius-- as it pertains to music, fashion, or anything artistic-- is only realized months after his skeletal projects are first revealed to the world. When the Yeezy 700 was first revealed in its highly-coveted "Wave Runner" colorway, people around the world hated on the design. Then, once it became readily available, the sneakers sold out in minutes. The same thing happened when he released Yeezus. At first, even diehard stans were unsure of the album. Today, it's viewed as one of his greatest contributions to music.

Could we be witnessing a similar situation with his freshly-unveiled Yeezy 450 Slides?

This summer, we saw a ton of people rocking the original Yeezy Slides, which were also criticized heavily upon their unveiling. Kim Kardashian West showed off the brand new Yeezy 450 Slides this week, which feature the same rubbery material with a different design. This time, Kanye's prototype is an open-toe slide with amphibian-like openings throughout, giving more room for air to circulate. 

Much like with the Yeezy Slides a year ago, these ones are being picked apart by fans who are not appreciative of the design. People are even comparing them to some snacks that they find they resemble.

Do you think these will be like the Yeezy 700 "Wave Runner", which everyone switched up on, or are they as bad as what everyone is saying?

Let us know your thoughts.