It feels like 2018 might be the peak of Kanye West controversy, but he also has another two and a half months to figure out how to top it in 2019. Earlier today, Kanye West paid a visit to his good pal, Donald Trump at the Oval Office where he went on a lengthy rant about his MAGA hat being his "Superman cape" and how his sleep deprivation was allegedly misdiagnosed as Bipolar disorder, among other things. Amid all of this, Kanye managed to reveal to all of the media the password to his iPhone.

Kanye West's phone might be a hacker's best friend. During his bizarre meeting with Donald Trump this morning, the rapper managed to reveal the password to his phone which simply consists of 0's. That's right, the passcode to Kanye West's phone is "000000."

Now, most security experts will advise people not to use repetitive numbers to guard their phone, but Kanye's always been about going against the grain so this isn't that shocking. It does lead us to wonder if the password for his laptop is also this simple. If it is, this could explain why we've seen a few leaked Kanye West records over the past few years

Aside from Kanye West's meeting with Trump, the rapper will be sitting down with Charlamagne Tha God on October 17th to talk about "anxiety, therapy, PTSD and all the other mental health stuff," as the radio show described it. If it's anything like his latest public appearances this year, it'll likely spark some sort of controversy.