Kanye West jumping back on Twitter has been both a blessing and a curse. The rapper's been sharing numerous release dates from long-awaited projects from the likes of Pusha-T, Teyana Taylor, Nas as well as his own solo project and collaboration with Kid Cudi. Some of the statements he's made on Twitter has also raised a few eyebrows. His support for Candace Owens and his alleged support for Donald Trump has raised concerns from many of his fans. However, it seems that his own team might be concerned for his well-being.

TheBlast reports that several people in Kanye's team are worried for his mental health after some of his erratic behavior. The rapper allegedly went on a rant inside the studio where he yelled at everyone inside of the room that he doesn't need people with "titles" around. He also claimed that he's willing to handle his career on his own and keep the Yeezy brand handled in-house, which essentially means just him. He allegedly closed out the rant by yelling, "Yeezy is the new Apple." According to the report, his team are unsure of how to handle the outbursts. 

Many of the people on his team were there for him after his 2016 breakdown that led him to being hospitalized. They say that these people are also being pushed away.

In addition, the rapper's recent tweets were initially thought to be promo for his forthcoming album, however, that may not be the case. His inner circle reportedly believe much of this is a sign that he's leading into a darker place in his life.

As for Kim, she's said to have been incredibly supportive for Kanye and continues to hold him down.