Daz Dillinger was one of the first people to put Kanye West on blast for his recent behavior. In fact, he went as far as calling Crip members from the LBC to beat Kanye West down. While 'Ye didn't seem to take the threats seriously during his TMZ Live appearance, there were reports that he increased the security around him. However, 'Ye can cool out and decrease the amount of security around him as the threats from Crips have reportedly been lifted. 

TMZ reports that California Crips won't be going after Kanye West despite Daz Dillinger's orders. Their sources from Long Beach say 'Ye was never in any true risk of danger, despite Daz Dillinger's order to have him beat down. They say the gang leadership wasn't looking to fight Kanye and in actuality, they want 'Ye to visit Long Beach in order to get his support for the community. 

The report that the LBC Crips have called off 'Ye's beatdown comes a day after Daz Dillinger went at Kanye's neck on his new track, "True To The Game Pt. 2." 

Aside from 'Ye's safety, the rapper has been back in Wyoming wrapping up the several albums he has in the works. In the midst of the controversy, the rapper announced that he'll be dropping his next solo album, a collaborative project with Kid Cudi as well as Pusha T and Teyana Taylor's album. He also announced Nas' upcoming album that he'll have production on.