On Tuesday, G.O.O.D. Music affiliate Malik Yusef stated that Kanye West would soon be explaining his reasoning behind his enthusiastic support for Donald Trump, which resulted in a lengthy series of tweets from Kanye about the power of love and how he and Trump share the same "dragon energy."

This only resulted in even more confusion from Kanye's fans, and now Yusef has taken matters into his own hands to try and explain what Kanye is up to. In an interview with All Hip-Hop, Yusef delivers a stream of consciousness explanation that, when read in its entirety, will probably just confuse people even more. There is wisdom is some of what he's saying, though. 

He begins by going through the myriad influences that Kanye was affected by growing up, as well as the major contributions he's given to hip-hop culture, and how all of that might have affected him. "I think people are not looking at the speed and velocity in which this person takes place or in the public eye," said Yusef.

He says that Kanye only became politically aware recently (once asking Yusef what the difference between a Democrat and a Republican was), and decided that he found an aptitude with people who spoke their minds. "What does Kanye like? Well Kanye likes people that speak their mind," said Yusef. "That’s what he aspires to be calling somebody that says what the fuck they want to say."

Yusef mentioned in the interview that he, himself, identifies as a republican, but that he doesn't like Donald Trump.