Kanye West's Yandhi is coming, and fans have been wondering if we're about to hear yet another stylistic departure from the divisive personality. While many enjoyed Ye as a standalone body of work, the consensus seemed to favor previous entries in his catalog. While that does suggest an incapability to live in the moment, it also speaks to the sheer quality of Yeezy's discography.

As you might know, a MAGA hat, Kapernick shirt-sporting Yeezy recently stopped by The Fader offices, where he proceeded to preview his upcoming project. According to a report from those in attendance, the album features appearances from 6ix9ine and the late XXXTentacion; not only that, but Rihanna is also set to record some last minute vocals, in honor with the tradition of leaving it down to the wire. 

"Saint, you don't really need a last name," raps Kanye, previewing one of the Yandhi tracks. "North you don't really need a last name." Unfortunately, the snippet concludes prematurely, leaving audiences living in suspense over whether or not Chicago does, in fact, need a last name. In any case, we won't have to wait much longer for enlightenment. Yandhi is set to arrive on September 29th, one day after Lil Wayne drops Tha Carter V. Kanye admitted that Weezy's sales would inevitably overshadow his own, and decided to allocate the Friday real estate accordingly.

A far cry from the Kanye who once dared face 50 Cent in an open field, during a sales battle for the ages. Perhaps Calabasas really did soften his disposition. Either way, Yeezy season is once again approaching. You think this one has potential?