Kim Kardashian stunned her following with parts of her beauty line campaign. She modeled for her cosmetics brand, posing nude and servings all kinds of tasty angles that had engaged makeup fans and those who favor other elements of her esthetic. The newest addition to her campaign is no other than her very own daughter, Chicago West, who is the youngest of the West siblings.

The baby's modeling debut came quite early as she was born only 9 months ago. Her first professional shoot took place in the arms of her mother as Kardashian sports the social media star's new eyeshadows. The baby's look is apparently 100% natural which is appropriate given her age.

Despite Chicago's being makeup-less, some parts of Kardashian's following appeared to be angry with the photo she uploaded to Instagram. The issue at hand was the fact that the mother was topless. Others were mad about the baby being used as a "prop." The first group seems to have forgotten that mothers being topless with their babies is a common occurrence given their common ability to breastfeed them. Adding this concept to the fact that Kim Kardashian has been posing nude for years makes the hatred seem petty.