Since learning that Kareem Hunt's 19-year old victim wanted to press charges but was pushed away, we have been presented with a very different outlook on the situation. She knew the body cam footage existed and wanted the Cleveland PD to look into it, who then showed her a reluctance to re-open the case, until of course, the video surfaced on TMZ, cracking open the case.

TMZ is now reporting that the victim has not cooperated with the cops after growing tired of their resistance. Besides asking them to survey the footage, the victim wanted the Cleveland PD to retrieve the sim card Kareem Hunt had stolen from her phone before kicking her out the lobby. But apparently, she never took her charges beyond the sheriff's office. The option to file take her complaint to the city's Prosecutor's Office is always an option, in her own right and only hers.

TMZ thinks the Prosecutor's lack of participation might be holding back the case, because, in instances like this where the police are noncompliant, the PO has the right to charge a suspect, even without a "victim's testimony." With that said, the unnamed victim still has 18-months to bring her case to the Prosecutor's Office, before the motion expires.