Karlie Redd and Benzino have been romantically linked for as long as we can remember, but the Love & Hip Hop couple aren't exactly in each other's good books right now. 

The two previously believed that they would spend the rest of their lives together but, from the looks of things, Karlie Redd no longer wants to spend even a single minute with her past love. She aired out her drama with the hip-hop personality on Instagram.

"Can Someone Send Him A Message To Let Him Know I Don't Want Him," asked Karlie Redd on social media, posting a screenshot of her direct messages from Benzino. "You Had Your Chance! I Seen Him So Many Times And Walk Right Pass Him!"

Karlie Redd Benzino
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

The messages she posted were pretty thirsty, painting Benzino as a desperate man who would do anything to get back "the one that got away." He complimented her on her beauty several times, with his most recent reach-out coming this morning. 

If we're being honest, we have no clue why Karlie Redd felt a need to share this drama with the world. She could simply have sent him a message back asking him to politely stop sending her solicitations instead of dragging him for the enjoyment of petty gossipers. 

Do you think Karlie Redd and Benzino will ever work it out?