Millions of people have come together in solidarity to support Black Lives Matter today (June 2). The #BlackOutTuesday movement was launched so that record labels, management companies, and music industry professionals could pause from their regularly scheduled programming to instead spread awareness. It's all about how people can get involved with helping BLM while fighting against police brutality and for equity and equality for black people. Celebrities, of course, have joined the movement as people post and change their social media profile photos to black squares. Karol G added her name to the list by sharing a picture, but was met with backlash.

The Columbian singer posted a photo that showed a black and white dog with the caption, ""El ejemplo perfecto de que el Blanco y Negro JUNTOS se ven hermosos. #BlackLivesMatter," Karol G wrote. It translates to, "The perfect example that [the color] black and white together look beautiful. #BlackLivesMatter." 

After becoming a trending topic on Twitter following backlash, Karol G returned with a formal apology. "I was wrong and I apologize," she wrote. "I want to make clear that my intentions were right in the photo I posted earlier. I meant to say that racism is terrible and that I cannot begin to understand it. These past few days have been hard and its extremely painful to see it continue to happen. IT NEEDS TO STOP. There is only one race and that is the human race. I recognize that the way I expressed myself was not right." Read her apology in full below.