Model/impresario Karrueche Tran took to Instagram to address Wendy Williams' catty behaviour. I will categorically deny their dealings, the makings of a feud, but rather two individuals who have discretely agreed to use each other's name negatively for positive ends.

In a video that remains posted on the official youtube channel of Wendy Williams, the pair trade subtle jabs, Karrueche shading Wendy's plastic surgery and the latter questioning the model's talent and skill, in so many words. Wendy begins the interview by admitting that she had previously made biting remarks at the expense of Karrueche, without offering a proper apology. The two sport a sheepish grin as they compare hustles and outward appearance. Wendy eating with anybody in the game, big, small or gargantuan.

Karrueche's instagram story, which has since expired, implies that their "feud" may have had greater implications, behind the scenes. Karrueche therein claims to have tried to make things right privately, thereby getting no response from the TV Host. Let the record state as follows:

"@wendywilliamsshow I tried to kiss and make up w/you after our interview but you left me hanging... #howyouwuggin#thiswaus"