Emmy award-winning comedian Katt Williams was recently served emergency documents filed by a woman by the name of Eboni Gray claiming to be his ex-wife. Gray has requested $2.5 million a month in spousal support from Williams who has long maintained that he was never involved in a romantic relationship with her. 

In documents obtained by The Blast, Gray details how her apparent relationship with Williams has left her in a vulnerable and desperate situation. Gray's involvement with Williams has purportedly required her to seek funds to cover rent, legal fees, moving expenses and the services of a forensic accountant. Gray claims that the $2.5 million a month is necessary to ensure that she is able to live the kind of lifestyle she became accustomed to when in a relationship with Williams whom she claims she supported throughout various personal and career based trials. 

This is not the first time Gray has sought legal action against the actor, however; in the past,  she has asked for an annulment. The request was considered rather strange from Williams's camp as there is apparently no public record of the two ever having been married. When Gray's request was presented to the court during a hearing, it was denied.