Much of the online bestowed a paramount "L" upon Katt Williams after footage surfaced showing him sucker-punching a 17-year-old kid during a soccer game in Gainesville, GA, only to find the same kid beating him to the ground seconds later. Williams attempted to explain that he was trying to teach the bad-mannered teen a lesson during a stand-up performance at the Barclays Center this past weekend, but regardless of his intentions, the comedian is now facing charges of disorderly conduct for his role in the fight. 

During the time of the fight, Williams was currently out of jail on bond for a previous charge, and due to the recent incident of disorderly conduct, his bond has now been revoked. Williams has agreed to turn himself in, reports WSB-TV, though it's unclear when he will be taken into custody. 

Williams' attorney, Drew Findling, who happens also to be Offset's lawyer, will argue that his client was intensely provoked before delivering the first punch and that the 17-year-old in question, Luke Wash, was the primary instigator of the fight.