Earlier this week, it was reported that Katt Williams would face charges for his recent brawl with 17-year-old Luke Wash after a soccer game in Gainesville, Georgia. Footage shows Williams throwing the first punch in the fight that quickly ended with Wash pinning the 42-year-old comedian to the ground. For his role in the altercation, Williams faced charges of disorderly conduct and bond violation, and Gainesville police showed up at his house yesterday afternoon to take him to jail. 

Williams appeared in court today, and according to his attorney, Drew Findling, he was granted $500 bond. According to the AJC, Findling expects his client to be released today. 

As for Williams' opponent, Luke Wash was not presumed innocent due to his age. In fact, he, too, was charged as an adult for disorderly conduct. Wash turned himself in on Monday, reports TMZ. It's unclear if he remains in jail, though -- unless he had prior charges -- it is assumed he was granted bond immediately upon his arrest, unlike Williams.