Another day, another large bill issued out by Uncle Sam and the latest recipient of the bill is comedian Katt Williams. According to The Blast, Katt owes the Georgia Department of Revenue some unpaid tax money from 2015 and 2016. The publication details the amounts, which are $189,043.63 from 2015 and $119,002.22 from 2016, for a grand total of $308,045.85. 

The amount is nothing compared to Rick Ross' recent payoff of $1 million that cleared his near $6 million liens. Katt's amount is technically less than $300K but the total amount includes $29K for interest, $42K for penalties and $39K in collection fees.

Katt will also be required to cough up another chunk of cash since a judge has ordered an upcoming hearing that will determine the amount he has to pay Tyrell Williams, the man Katt punched in the face three times back in 2016. Tyrell was posting a video of Katt to his social media when Katt came for him and smashed his phone out of his hand. Tyrell cited mental and physical pain and is simply looking for compensation for his suffering.