One of the best shows to come out within the past few years is Donald Glover's FX Series Atlanta. It was a refreshing effort from Glover, post-Community and Childish Gambino. One of the highlights of the show is the guest appearances and we're waiting to see who's going to pop up on the next season. While there's a month until the show premieres, there's one legendary comedian who's confirmed he'll be popping up in season 2.

Katt Williams recently spoke to Comedy Hype about his upcoming efforts. The comedian recently released his Netflix stand-up special, Great America, to positive reception. While he spoke about the special, he also touched up on future plans including upcoming movie and TV roles which include an appearance on FX Atlanta.

"I’m always looking for more film and TV opportunities. More specifically, opportunities that will allow me to tackle the kinds of roles that I’ve yet to tackle. I always want challenge myself to bring something unique to whatever project that I agree to be a part of," he said, "I’m working on Meet The Blacks 2 with Warner Bros and I’ve also been working on the FX sitcom, Atlanta."

In the interview, he also spoke on plans of reprising his role as Money Mike in Last Friday

"Well, I’m not the holdup on that project, I think we’re all just waiting on Smokey to come back and then we’re ready to roll," he said, "Ice Cube is a perfectionist who works hard on delivering quality content, so whenever he’s ready to begin production on the next film in the franchise, I’ll be ready." 

While the last installment of the Friday series is yet to confirm, at least we know we'll see Katt Williams on the upcoming season of Atlanta.