Kawhi Leonard just led the Toronto Raptors to their first ever championship and he was able to win his second NBA Finals MVP trophy in the process. Over the last week, Leonard and the Raptors have been celebrating pretty hard with the festivities culminating in the parade that took place in Toronto on Monday. Serge Ibaka and Kawhi were two of the biggest attractions of the day as it was apparent that the two were having a very good time and let's be honest, we all know why.

Ibaka is famous around the league for being a chef of sorts who loves to cook and have his teammates try his creations. With this in mind, Ibaka is always asking his teammates about their diets especially now that they're NBA champions. Kawhi was the first person he asked and the Board Man himself had a pretty hilarious reaction to it all.

"I'm just drinking alcohol and eating desserts, all the time," Kawhi said in a manner that lets you know he had been enjoying himself for most of that day.

If you remember, Ibaka had Kawhi on his YouTube show a while back and had him try beef penis. During the video, Ibaka asked the superstar if he would stay in Toronto which didn't elicit much of an answer. If he does come back to Toronto, the team will have a solid chance at repeating as champions next season.