Last week, reports were suggesting that Spurs star Kawhi Leonard would be done for the season after he was in New York City getting second opinions on his bizarre quad injury. In fact, head coach Greg Popovich said he didn't expect Leonard to play at all this season.

"I'd be surprised if he returns this season," Popovich said. "If by some chance he [returns] it's going to be pretty late into the season and it'll be a tough decision how late you bring somebody back. That's why I’m trying to be honest and logical. I'll be surprised if he gets back this year.”

Well it turns out that may not be case anymore, and the star forward is expected to return to the team later this week and hopefully be back in the lineup come mid-March. ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski &  Michael C. Wright say that Kawhi isn't expected to immediately start engaging in full five-on-five practices with his teammates, but the goal is to advance toward that level of engagement in the near future, league sources said."

While in New York City last week, Leonard was reportedly working out at the National Basketball Players Association headquarters gymnasium, sources said. The time table for Kawhi’s return continues to be based on his comfort level with his quad injury. However, things finally look to be trending in the right direction for Spurs & Kawhi fans.

Check out ESPN’s report/clip (below), and stay tuned for further information moving forward.