Kawhi Leonard has missed the entire season with an ACL injury. As a result of his absence, the Los Angeles Clippers were unable to make the playoffs which was a bit of a shock to the rest of the league. Paul George was injured throughout the season as well which certainly put the team at a huge disadvantage throughout the season. 

Heading into next year, Kawhi is expected to return to the Clippers lineup and fans are very interested to see how he will play. Healing from an ACL injury is no easy task and there are plenty of expectations that this Clippers team needs to live up to. Otherwise, the George and Kawhi era will be considered a flop.

Kawhi Leonard

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Recently, Kawhi was spotted in public by TMZ which is a pretty rare occurrence. As you can see in the clip below, Kawhi was asked who he thinks is going to win the NBA championship this year. Instead of giving a real answer, Kawhi just kept saying "Clippers." Leonard didn't want to say any other team and while his Clippers are statistically out of it, you can't help but love his passion for the Clips.

Next season, the Clips will certainly be among betting favorites to go all the way. The Clips pushed the Suns in the Western Conference Finals last year without Kawhi, which just proves that this is a team with the pieces necessary to go on a deep run.

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