Kawhi Leonard's heroics in the Eastern Conference Finals helped propel the Toronto Raptors to their first NBA Finals in franchise history. The Raptors have been on an incredible run that the fanbase surely won't forget anytime soon. In the deciding game of the ECF, Leonard posterized Giannis Antetokounmpo of the Milwaukee Bucks and it instantly became an iconic photo. After the game, the Raptors posted the photo on their Instagram account with the caption "Hang this in the Louvre."

One Raptors fan took this challenge literally as they printed out the photo and traveled all the way to Paris, France where they visited the Louvre and ended up putting the photo next to some of the art. It seemed like no one really noticed but you got to hand it to these Raptors fans who are really showing out for their team. Going all the way to Paris for a bit is a lot of dedication, regardless of if the team is in the Finals are not.

The video of the art being hung up was posted by Athina Vandame who ended up walking by the Mona Lisa with her Kawhi artwork in tow. Even the Raptors Instagram account took notice and congratulated her on the effort.

This latest piece of fandom begs the question: what would you do for your team?