Kawhi Leonard is up for a free agency this summer, and while he's been linked to a potential move to Los Angeles on either the Clippers or Lakers squads, sources close to the basketball star reveal that he may very well stay in Toronto despite initial rumors.

According to Yahoo, insiders close to the situation say Leonard is "seriously considering" re-signing with the Raptors organization due to the fact that they are the only team capable of signing Leonard to a max contract of $190 million over the next 5 years. Nevertheless, Kawhi is still expected to turn down his player option in order to browse the market as an unrestricted free agent.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Previously, Kawhi did show strong interest in returning home to Los Angeles but considering his success in earning the Raptors their first championship and the possibility of a major check, that likelihood could be fading.

Sources in L.A. also reveal that the Clippers are fearing that Kawhi is moving further away from the idea of making the move to Los Angeles.

"Internally, they’re hyperventilating right now,” ESPN Brian Windhorst explained. “I think Kawhi will give the Knicks a look. I think his decision will be staying with the Raptors, likely on a short deal, a one-plus-one deal. Or look at the LA Clippers where he can invest in going forward.”