Kawhi Leonard is set to meet with the Los Angeles Lakers next week as part of his free agency decision. The Los Angeles Clippers and the Toronto Raptors are some of the other teams confirmed to be meeting with the two-time NBA Finals MVP and no matter where he goes, he will turn that team into a contender. Ever since the Lakers freed enough cap space to sign a max player, they have become a serious player in the Leonard sweepstakes and it seems like he is already negotiating some terms with them as far as their meeting is concerned.

In a fresh report from ESPN, it revealed that Leonard has requested that only team owner Jeanie Buss and former president of basketball operations Magic Johnson be present at their meeting. Johnson left the franchise at the end of last season, although Leonard still wants him to be a part of the pitch. If this report is true, it means general manager Rob Pelinka won't be a part of the festivities.

Earlier today, it was reported by Stephen A. Smith that Leonard is "seriously considering" the Lakers and that even New Balance would prefer he goes to Los Angeles.

Free agency will begin on Sunday, June 30th at 6 P.M. EST so stay tuned for the latest news and updates regarding your favorite teams.