Whether you believe what he has to say or not, NFL legend and FS1 analyst Cris Carter has been the go-to person for Kawhi Leonard updates over the last couple of days. Carter seems to have connections to the free agent superstar and as people anticipate his next move, Carter has been able to assure people of what Leonard might be thinking. There have been a plethora of reporters speculating on where Kawhi will go, but no one has been able to provide daily updates like Carter has. Even if you don't believe what he has to say, there is no denying that his updates have become a huge part of the discourse around Kawhi.

Earlier this morning, Carter said he expected Kawhi to make a decision today and that the Lakers would be his best bet. Well, as Carter explained just moments ago, we're going to have to wait yet another day for Leonard's big announcement.

As Carter explained, Leonard won't be making his big decision today and that he hasn't yet decided where he wants to go. Jalen Rose said he believes Kawhi will sign a two-year deal in Toronto, although Carter is saying Leonard only wants to sign long term. 

In related news, Leonard's teammate Danny Green is starting to get worried about the star's decision since it's going to impact where he goes next.