Kawhi Leonard still hasn't decided where he's going to play next season and now, other players are starting to get affected by the decision. For instance, Leonard's longtime teammate Danny Green is also a free agent and is waiting to see whether or not he wants to re-sign with the Toronto Raptors. If Leonard were to leave the city, Green would probably leave as well, but if Kawhi stayed, it is believed that Green would want to re-sign.

According to a report from SportsNet, Green has offers on the table from the Los Angeles Lakers, Dallas Mavericks, and Toronto Raptors but won't sign anything until Leonard makes up his mind. As Green explained, Leonard's timetable is starting to worry him.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

“Yes. I’m worried also,” Green explained. “I’m hoping he makes his decision soon … so that these other teams don’t have to wait, I don’t have to wait, I can make a decision. We’ll see how long these teams will wait, I don’t think more than another day or so.”

Green and Leonard have played together since 2011 when they were on the San Antonio Spurs. Green followed the superstar to Toronto when they were both traded away for DeMar DeRozan. If Green doesn't sign a contract soon, he stands to lose some of the offers he has on the table.