Several days before the Raptors had even managed to secure a berth in the NBA Finals, Kawhi Leonard was already placating the elephant in the room, his career prospect once the playoffs come to a close. The words he issued to rather ambiguously, seemed to be not only intended for the Raptors' fanbase but to his own teammates, who've spent the better part of the season doing everything to accommodate his every need/whim. 

For a Raptors' fanbase that is conditioned to expect the very worst come playoff time, "enjoying the moment" as Kawhi put it delicately in a press conference after a pivotal Game 5 victory. Within the hours that ensued after their series-clinching victory in the very next game, the Raptors' fanbase was seemingly responsive to Leonard's advice, as they celebrated last night's victory as if they'd won the actual Championship. Little did they know, Kawhi's own sister Miesha Slayton would spoil all the good tidings they'd manage in such a short span.

In an Instagram story that she published in the midst of last night's celebrations, a voice can be heard jeering the Raptors fanbase with talk of Leonard skipping town in the offseason. "They know darn well that he ain't gonna be there next year," the voice can be heard saying. Miesha's video has since been since gone missing from her account, but thanks to the pro bono services of an unknown informant, the disconcerting audio will live on forever, much to the detriment of just about everyone involved. If your a Raptors' fan, stay rooted in the present; as Kawhi said himself, "enjoy the moment and embrace it and have fun and love it, this is why we're here." Game 1 of the NBA Finals starts up this upcoming Thursday.