Bishop Nehru's been an enigma in the hip hop world. While he's made his mark through the underground circuit, he's still looked at as an up-and-coming artist by some. Despite that, he's gone onto creating some dope projects and getting co-signs from some of the illest emcees in hip hop. He's previously collaborated with DOOM on their NehruvianDOOM album back in 2014. It looks like they'll be working closely together once again on Nehru's upcoming project.

Bishop Nehru took to Instagram to announce that Kaytranada and DOOM will produce his upcoming album, Elevators: Act I & II. He posted a picture alongside Kaytranada with a caption that read, "MY NEW ALBUM "ELEVATORS: ACT I & II" (Prod. by @KAYTRANADA & DOOM) IS COMING SOON. || For more updates go to 🔺🌪👁👁🌪🔺." 

From the sounds of it, it'll definitely be an interesting project that'll push the boundaries of sound. Kaytranada mixes electronic, R&B, hip hop and dance to form his unique sound while DOOM is a staple in underground hip hop as both a producer and an emcee, it'll definitely be interesting how they come together to co-produce for one of the brightest, young minds in hip hop. Interestingly enough, earlier in the month, both DOOM and Bishop Nehru celebrated the three year anniversary for their NehruvianDOOM project. 

For the majority of this year, people have been curious to see what Bishop Nehru would be getting up to next. He released his last project MAGIC: 19 last year and spent the majority of this year on a the low, with the exception of a few loose singles. Back in August, he dropped "WW3" which got everyone excited to hear some new music from him. The song's release led many to believe he has a project on the way, although there was no actual indication that he would be. He later followed that release with a freestyle over Jay-Z's "4:44" titled, "7:17," which drew more people to assume he had something on the way. 

Now that he's finally revealed that the album title and the producers that are behind it, all we're waiting for now is a release date. Hopefully, we'll get it before the end of the year.