Kehlani and Kamaiyah are both from the Bay Area. They have matching tattoos and were previously extremely close friends. They were even working on a collaborative project together. However, something went awry and, this week, Kamaiyah started sending very clear shots toward her former friend

During an Instagram Live session, the rapper threw Kehlani under the bus without mentioning her by name but the shots were well received. Lani has since responded to the drama on Twitter.

"I’m STILL not speaking negatively on someone i once cared about. that i have a matching tattoo with. that i respected and admired," she wrote before clarifying what they even fell out about. "Business didn’t work out on a collaborative project, i withdrew and got a 'green light' on my family and friends. AND ITS STILL LOVE ON THIS SIDE."

Kehlani Kamaiyah beef
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Kehlani went on to claim that death threats have been sent because of their falling out. 

"Reached out countless amounts of times to be adults. to say 'you have been around my child.' still met with internet antics, false rumors that don’t make any sense, and THREATS TO MY LIFE. & me all of a sudden not being from the same city that i was from when we were cool.. we are ADULTS. i am still a fan. i still admire from a far. i’m still respectful. i’d never hurt this woman or get her hurt. praying for everyone involved cuz this is dumb and it’s ultimately a LOSS for our city. so since no phone calls or texts have been answered in months, i’m responding here. you supposed to be happy, i’m VERY happy and about to drop a project i’m super proud of just like you did a few months ago."

Damn... It sucks to see these two fighting. Clearly, there was a misunderstanding because, from the way Kehlani is explaining this, she's still got nothing but love for Kamaiyah. Hopefully, they can hash this out.