Its safe to say Kehlani & YG have had a bit of a shaky relationship since they went public back in September. It all started when YG was caught kissing another woman outside the club a couple months ago in LA. He denied any cheating allegations, posting “I love Kehlani, i would never” to his Instagram story, but soon thereafter, Kehlani deleted all evidence of the rapper from her Instagram page. To add to the confusion, Kehlani just dropped a song last week called “You Know Wassup,” in which she sings about still wanting to be “Mrs. Jackson” (YG’s last name) but gets candid about a whole slew of their relationship problems.

While there’s been a lot of questions surrounding the status of their relationship at the moment, it seems like Kehlani finally wanted to set the record straight and confirm that she and YG are no longer a couple. After some rumors started swirling that she and Tory Lanez were hooking up recently after a photo of the two surfaced online, Kehlani decided to hop on Twitter last night and confirm that she is in fact single in a now-deleted tweet.

“because i keep seeing this. i’m addressing it. absolutely not. we made a song for my album. i am single. and focused. leave the rumors for poorly paid bloggers,” she wrote in a now deleted tweet referring to Tory Lanez and her hooking up.

Although the tweet is gone, several people have commented under it, proving that she did confirm the news. Check out some of those tweets (below).