It's been a rough few months for Nick Cannon, but the media mogul has come out on the other side of controversy with new insights. Cannon took some hits over controversial remarks about Jewish people, but after publicly apologizing for his comments and having private meetings with Jewish leaders, Cannon has placed that time in his rearview as he celebrates another trip around the sun. Thursday (October 8) marks Nick Cannon's 40th birthday, and Kehlani wanted to send her friend well wishes in a lengthy Instagram post.

Kehlani, Nick Cannon, Birthday
Jon Kopaloff / Stringer / Getty Images

"HAPPY MF BIRTHDAY to the man that changed my life! the man that doesn’t get enough credit for being a mastermind behind some of our favorite entertainment moments," Kehlani wrote. Cannon was instrumental in helping her become established as an artist early on in her career, even reportedly buying her an apartment in Los Angeles and paying for her studio time.

"A man who’s been nothing short of resilient in the face of a lifetime of criticism, doubt & moments to be anything but strong," Kehlani added. "Thank you for being a father figure to me in such pivotal moments. y’all have no idea how many lives this man has saved.. some faces you recognize and don’t even know the story. before we could provide for ourselves he put food in our stomachs, clothes on our backs, roofs over our heads without ever mentioning it publicly, never asking for the recognition. to a true giver, a true lover, a true fighter. happy birthday dude @nickcannon an angel on earth!!!!! your lessons apply every day!" 

Read her message in its entirety below.