When Kehlani announced she was expecting a baby a few weeks ago, many were surprised to hear the news. The artist had been quiet for a bit but nobody was expecting her to come through with such a huge announcement. She spoke to Nicki Minaj about her partner on Queen Radio when she called in in mid-October and she continues to share details surrounding her pregnancy. Lani noted that she was introduced to the idea of natural childbirth years ago and is looking forward to welcoming her baby into her life with the help of the woman who made her familiar with the concept. She shared photos of her midwife, Sumi, to celebrate her birthday, letting fans know just a little more about the upcoming process she'll go through.

"I was very blessed to find true friendship/family in this alluring scorpio sister sign of mine with a very similar life story when i was maybe 12 years old," wrote Kehlani while sharing a gallery of her friend. She continued, "fast forward to adulthood, she has became a sister to me. now... fast forward to right now....i am SO BLESSED AND HONORED to call this queen my midwife. since the moment i was exposed to natural birth (by her) years ago, i knew she would be the one to take this step with when the time came. i trust her with my life, and most importantly the life of my child."

Kehlani has been pretty private about her life in the last year, revealing she was expecting with a series of pregnancy photos a few weeks ago. Congratulations, Lani!