For months before making her major reveal, Kehlani was hesitant to share her amazing news with the world. While some people have definitely been hateful towards her situation, the good greatly outweighs the bad when it comes to the reaction to Kehlani's pregnancy. Her fans are ecstatic that she's about to welcome a bundle of joy into the world and she's becoming more comfortable sharing her progress.

When she first announced her pregnancy, she did so with an extensive photoset. Between then and now, Lani has been fairly quiet as we wonder how far along she is, how she's feeling and other important issues. The singer decided to clear things up by sharing an update, noting that she's been a little distant. "Been hesitant to be all preggo on Instagram because it seems to invoke some kind of crazy negativity in a lot of people," wrote the artist. "We are so healthy, happy, and abundant tho! we are more present than i have ever been alone, more strong than i have ever been on my own. 6 months and i feel like time is flying. this is my most favorite journey i have ever embarked on, the greatest path i have ever taken."

Her tummy is growing fast too as she's just three months away from welcoming her daughter into the world. She wore a flowy yellow dress as she posed for the camera, taking a selfie in the mirror.