Kehlani and PARTYNEXTDOOR dated for a little while a few years ago before the Bay Area singer spent some time with Kyrie Irving, sparking tons of headlines about infidelity and their highly-public break-up. Around that time, a song leaked that many believed was about the cheating that occurred during their relationship. That track finally earned an official release, titled "Savage Anthem," on PND's new album PARTYMOBILEand a new lyric was added about the "smell" left in the living room after their split.

Kehlani actually ended up responding to the speculation that the line was about her in a since-deleted tweet, but then it appears as though she logged onto a burner account to defend herself further.

"I broke her off in the livin' room/There is a smell in the livin' room," says Party in the song, which also mentions his return to Oakland, which is where Lani resides. Kehlani ended up speaking out, deleting a post which read: "Because I see you're tryna go viral and this is hella annoying, this is a true story about smelling the OTHER woman thus confirming the cheating, but go off tho fr."

Interestingly enough, eagle-eyed fans saw that an avatar-less account was tweeting VERY similar things after the post vanished, meaning that Kehlani was possibly operating from an unknown profile.

"He's talking about the girl he cheated with, don't be so fucking dense trying to go viral," wrote the supposed burner account, which has the clever username @burnaboy373.

Do you think Kehlani was using a burner account or is this all just one big coincidence?