There's a surge happening in the southern area of the United States and government officials are trying to once again flatten the curve of COVID-19. A few of the southern states were the first to reopen after a lengthy quarantine including cities in Georgia and Florida. Coronavirus cases have been on the upturn because, according to President Trump, more people are being tested. There has been news of teens throwing COVID-19 parties and just this passed 4th of July holiday weekend, a few celebrities even performed shows to large audiences. While it seems that people are drawing their own conclusions about the seriousness of COVID-19, Atlanta's Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms announced on Twitter that she has tested positive for the virus.

Keisha Lance Bottoms
Paras Griffin / Stringer / Getty Images

"COVID-19 has literally hit home. I have had NO symptoms and have tested positive," Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms wrote about her diagnosis and being asymptomatic. Comedian D.L. Hughley took to social media to ask the public to pray for Bottoms. "Prayers for a fast recovery🙏🏾💪🏾❤️ PLEASE WEAR YOUR MASKS, WASH YOUR HANDS & KEEP YOUR DISTANCE!! TRUST ME, I KNOW!!" Recently, Hughley fainted during a live performance and was diagnosed with COVID-19, even though he didn't exhibit any symptoms.