Currently on her Mad Love tour, singer JoJo held a concert Tuesday night at The Fonda Theatre in L.A.The sexy singer picked out actress Keke Palmer form the audience and treated her to a lap dance that surely made all her fans salivate.

JoJo's assistants bound Keke to a chair, while her musicians kept playing. JoJo, wearing a see-through black lingerie-like leotard, then performed the sultriest lap dance for the actress.

Keke started with a blindfold on but it soon came off. She seemed hypnotized by the dancer's shaking and rotating curves. She even got a little action as Jojo caressed her round bum on Keke's thighs.

The "Fuck Apologies" songstress ended her set by jumping on Keke just as the lights went out.

JoJo fought off a virus to perform in L.A. The Mad Love tour will remain on the West Coast for now with shows in Santa Ana on February 23 and San Diego on the 24. 

Watch the highlights of JoJo's lap dance in the videos below.