Fans were taken aback when Nas penned a lengthy statement on Instagram, denying the numerous abuse allegations Kelis pinned against the rapper and the father of her child. “Today i got a call from essence about my ex wife doing another sad fictitious story. Nothing surprises me anymore, including this. This is what your life has come to sis? Exploiting some people’s Real struggle and pain…just to get at me….to get attention ? Fame? Another fight against men?” he wrote in one of many posts. 

Kelis has always been very open about her account of her and Nas' failed marriage and the rapper has never come forward with anything to say until recently. Now that "The World Is Yours" rapper had time to say his part, it seems as though Kelis is the quiet one now, only responding to those in her Instagram comment section. 

According to Bossip, a user commented on a photo of Kelis stating: "You’re story had many intricate and specific details which is why my heart believes you, the other party just gave blanket typical statements. He needs to do better by his child!"

The "Milkshake" singer responded: "Thank you, the truth always prevails #facts."

In another response, she wrote: "[...] I am truly grateful and happy I escaped a horrendous situation and that I am in love and my boy are delicious perfect children. So many people are stuck in abusive manipulative situations and I hope me being honest even when its uncomfortable will help them be bold and walk away, I no longer am so this is all small stuff in comparison. I will never let him hinder me again. Never. Xoxo."