Kemba Walker will be eligible for a five-year supermax contract worth $221.3 million this summer. Walker has stated in the past that his heart is with the Charlotte Hornets and that his priority in the offseason would be to resign with the team he has spent his career with. While Hornets fans will be happy to hear about his allegiance to the team, it should come as a surprise to no one that there are plenty of teams throughout the league who are looking at pursuing Walker in free agency.

During an ESPN Mock Draft special on Tuesday night, basketball insider Adrian Wojnarowski spoke about the free agent period and which teams are interested in Walker. There are some pretty high profile teams on the list including the Los Angeles Lakers, New York Knicks, and the Dallas Mavericks. 

Walker can only sign the supermax deal with Charlotte as other teams can only give him a maximum of four years at $140.6 million. Should the Hornets give him the full supermax, it would come as a shock if he didn't sign it on the spot.

The Hornets star is one of many huge stars on the free agent market this Summer. Should he decide to relocate, he will surely help in reshaping the NBA for next season.