The rumour mill has definitely become synonymous with the Kardashian/Jenner clan, as tabloids routinely report on every aspect of the family members' lives without a concern for factuality. Kendall Jenner, the most reserved of her famous kin, rarely addresses personal matters on a public scale; however, new rumours have compelled the fashion model and mogul to reveal some closely-guarded information about her life. 

The Internet has been ablaze with recent reports that suggest Jenner is a lesbian. Speaking with Vogue, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star reveals that "I don’t think I have a bisexual or gay bone in my body, but I don’t know! Who knows?! I’m all down for experience —not against it whatsoever — but I’ve never been there before."

When probed as to why the public may perceive her in this light, Jenner admits that " I think it’s because I’m not like all my other sisters, who are, like, ‘Here’s me and my boyfriend!' So it was a thing for a minute because no one ever saw me with a guy. I would always go that extra mile to be low-key with guys, sneaking around all the time. You don’t want to, like, look crazy."

Jenner concludes her answer by plainly stating "I’m not gay. I have literally nothing to hide. I would never hide something like that."

When asked whether she is currently involved in a relationship, Jenner remained tightlipped about her and rumoured boyfriend Blake Griffin. She does admit that she currently has "someone being very nice to me," who makes her feel happy.