Ben Simmons and the Philadelphia 76ers had hopes of finally making it to the NBA Finals this year but as we all know, their story ended quite differently this year. They'll look to bounce back in 2020 but in order for that to happen, they'll need to improve in the offseason. Many of Philly's fans were hoping that Simmons would call it quits with his supermodel girlfriend Kendall Jenner because, unlike team sources who previously dubbed her a good luck charm, the fans seriously believed she brought a longstanding curse with her to their games. Sixers fans are rejoicing now that they've officially broken up and apparently, Jenner is now "thriving" as a result of the split. Kardashian know-it-alls have told DailyMail that she's been spending time in Cannes with her friends and is "enjoying the single life." To prove that point, she shared a video of herself showing off her bikini in the mirror, clearly feeling herself while overseas.

With the Cannes film festival happening over the last week, it was the place to be for anybody looking to get a preview of the upcoming year's top flicks or anybody trying to get into the most exclusive parties. Kendall Jenner was in France over the weekend and she seemed completely unbothered about her recent split from Ben Simmons, flaunting her tiny body and thigh gap in one of the mirrors in her hotel room. 

She also shared a few other shots from her time in Cannes, posting photos of herself in a fancy pink dress and another of herself rocking a different bikini. It looks like she's having fun by herself for now. Do you think she'll move onto another hooper next season?