Living life in the Kardashian-Jenner family guarantees you will make headlines for just about anything you do. Kim and company are masters of publicity, knowing exactly what it takes to constantly be on the media's radar. As the only one of her sisters to not have a baby, Kendall Jenner likely enjoys the most time out of her siblings not under constant scrutiny. When she's not busy walking down runways around the world, Kendall is apparently just one call away from Lil Dicky as she appeared in his latest music video. Today, she made time for an appearance on The Ellen Show, disclosing to the host everything from whether or not she is experiencing baby fever to how she got her lip tattoo.

As the only member of the family that is not currently expecting or taking care of babies, Ellen asked Kendall if she has baby fever of any sort, to which the star responded, "I have moments where I'm like 'do I have baby fever? Like do I want a baby right now? But I don't, I don't." If you were hoping for it, this reply seems to shut down the possibility of any mini Blake Griffins running around Calabasas... at least for now. When questioned about her choice of tattoos, Kendall said that alcohol usually has most of the decision-making powers. Kenny proudly showed off her inner lip, which led Ellen to read it aloud, "It says 'Meow'." 

Kendall isn't expecting any of her own children soon as she seems satisfied to have little Stormi, Chicago, and Dream in the family. What do you think of Kendall's lip tattoo and are you upset that Khloe may be the last pregnant Kardashian for a while? Peep the videos below.