Today marks the 23rd birthday of Rich The Kid's protege, New York lyricist Jay Critch. Though his career remains relatively new in the grand scheme of things, it's clear that Critch is a talented artist with deep potential; Rich The Kid was right to keep an eye on him and bring him into the Rich Forever fold, where he quickly solidified himself as the label's nicest lyricist. And while he has yet to come through with an unmitigated classic album, Critch has crossed paths with a genuine hip-hop legend, an encounter Rich took to Instagram to highlight in celebratory fashion. 

Rich The Kid Jay Critch Kendrick Lamar

Ever the homie, Rich shared some heartfelt words to his young artist, writing "you already a legend let’s make this shit legendary happy b day." To further emphasize that flattering point, Rich shared an image presumably grabbed from the "New Freezer" sessions or an encounter that occurred shortly thereafter. Together, the Rich Forever boys post up with none other than Kendrick Lamar, a reminder that sometimes the unlikeliest paths can cross in this strange and wonderful rap game. 

Perhaps it's time to go back and revisit "New Freezer," which quickly became one of 2017's biggest anthems upon its release in late 2017; from that point on, Rich The Kid was ushered into the big leagues -- sloppy though his navigation of said big leagues might sometimes be, it seems like the affable mogul has been doing alright. Happy birthday Jay Critch!