Kendrick Lamar is set to make a few appearances on Baby Keem's new album, which drops tonight, and fans are already very confused over one of the previewed verses.

The Compton-born rapper may be universally known as one of the greatest talents in the world, but the same people who normally praise Kendrick are presently perplexed over his latest musical contribution. While his verse on "family ties" has been praised as one of the better offerings from the entire year, his work on "Range Brothers" simply has fans wondering what on earth Kenny was thinking while he was recording the song.

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"Top o’ the morning/Top o’ the morning/Top o’ the morning," repeats Kendrick six times before he switches things up, saying, "Let’s get this shit/Let’s get this shit/Let’s get this shit." 

"What the HELL is Kendrick Lamar doing bruh," said one fan, sharing a preview of the record on Twitter. The post has been "liked" nearly 30,000 times, and over 8,000 people have retweeted it.

This comes after Kendrick reportedly registered dozens of new songs on ASCAP, which means that we could be nearing his upcoming album release. Previously, the rapper said that his next album would be his last as a member of the TDE label. Moving forward, fans are expecting him to operate out of his pgLang label.

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Have a listen to Kendrick's new snippet and let us know if you're feeling this new sound.