Kendrick Lamar's verse in "Control" certainly got a lot of people talking about the rapper. In fact, it got a lot of people talking about a lot of rappers-- namely those mentioned in the track. Looking at some stats from each of the emcees social media accounts, it looks like they all gained a considerable amount of followers from the hype around the song.

K.Dot experienced a rise of 122% in Facebook conversation, and gained 88,000 new fans (a 138% increase from the previous week). Lamar also collected a massive 208,000 more Twitter followers (an additional 510% from the week prior). The rapper's Wikipedia page also experienced some heavy traffic, with a 277% increase, working out to 200,000 page views. 

As for the rest of the crew, you can take a look at the boosts they experienced from their twitter accounts (percent increased; followers gained) below.

Kendrick Lamar; 510%; 209,000
Jay Electronica; 533%; 5,000
Pusha T; 304%; 30,000
Big K.R.I.T.; 154%; 10,000
Mac Miller; 153%; 87,000
Meek Mill; 127%; 41,000
Big Sean; 100%; 67,000
Wale; 96%; 34,000
J. Cole; 84%; 63,000
A$AP Rocky; 78%; 10,000
Drake; 51%; 78,000
Tyler, The Creator; 38%; 10,000