Kendrick Lamar Talks About TDE President, Punch, Releasing Music

Kevin Goddard
January 15, 2015 20:57

Watch Kendrick Lamar talk about Punch releasing new music.

Kendrick Lamar recently sat down with MTV News and talked about his TDE President, Punch, putting out music of his own lately. Praising his skills, K Dot told MTV that he was ecstatic that his TDE President is unleashing his inner musician for the fans.

K. Dot even says Punch has been nice with the rhymes for the past ten years. He’s quoted stating,

“Punch [has] always been a crazy lyricist aside from being a pioneer in the company. He always had the knack for music and that’s what inspires the actual company. Every body has so much passion for the art, it’s not just on the business end, so they know how to cater to the artists.”

“We’ve seen this a long time ago, [it's been] 10 years in the making. So him going out there and not being afraid to put these crazy records out — that we’ve been telling him [to] — it’s actually an achievement and I’m proud of it. Because talent, you can’t hide that.”

Check out the brief interview above, and if you haven’t heard Punch do his thing yet, then listen to all his recent releases right here.

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INTERVIEWS Kendrick Lamar Talks About TDE President, Punch, Releasing Music