Sure, Wedding Crashers was a pretty good movie, but Kendrick Lamar has proved that it would've been a whole lot better with one additional element -- dabbing.

K-Dot and his crew rolled up on a random wedding party with a camera in-hand, and while the rapper pulled out some impressive elbow-sneezing upon arrival, his very relevant dance moves seemed to pinpoint his posse as intruders, with a guest approaching the crashers and asking them to leave the event.

The buzz-kill of a guest didn't stop K-Dot from throwing down, but when his friends couldn't answer the simple question "who got married," they were ordered to "get the fuck out".

The funniest part might be that no one manages to recognize Kendrick as this is all going down... their loss.

UPDATE: according to TMZ someone actually DID recognize K-Dot eventually, at which point they stopped hassling the rapper.

Check out the clip and a tutorial from expert-dabber Rich The Kid below.