Since retiring from the NBA, Kendrick Perkins has been incredibly quick to deliver hot takes on a daily basis. Perkins can be seen on both ESPN and FS1 where he works as an analyst. Perkins is more often than not, critical of his former peers and seems to ruffle some feathers from time to time. One of his biggest hot takes surfaced when Anthony Davis was traded to the Los Angeles Lakers. Perkins was quick to hate on Davis, saying the big man didn't have it in him to play for such a high-profile team like the Los Angeles Lakers. 

Since the start of the season, Davis has proven Perkins' hypothesis to be bogus and now, the former player is taking to Twitter to apologize and claim his eternal "L."

"If Anthony “AD” Davis can keep this type of play up he could possibly win the DPOY and the MVP," Perkins sad. "That young Man is in a ZONE on both ends. My apologies AD for the early disrespect!!!"

While Davis still has plenty of time to succumb to the pressure, it doesn't look like that's going to happen anytime soon. Davis and LeBron James have terrorized the league this season and that's some just something Perkins will have to learn to accept. At least he knows when to admit he's wrong.