Ever since retiring from the game of basketball and becoming an analyst for ESPN, Kendrick Perkins has delivered some pretty interesting hot takes. Most of the time, Perk can be found mercilessly defending the likes of LeBron James, which is no surprise when you consider how LeBron helped get Perkins his first and only NBA championship ring. Perkins has also been a staunch defender of those he's played with in the past, including none other than Kevin Durant.

The former OKC Thunder big man went on ESPN's First Take today and made the claim that KD is actually a much better scorer than Michael Jordan and is the greatest scorer in the history of the NBA. Of course, this led to a heated debate as Max Kellerman felt as though Perk was obfuscating the facts.

Perkins held firm on his argument, saying that while Jordan may have averaged more points, it's KD who has proven to be more efficient when shooting the basketball. Once again, Kellerman disputed this, saying that Jordan was incredibly effective from everywhere on the court.

Over the years, pundits have heralded Durant for his scoring prowess although there are very few who would call him the best scorer of all-time. Needless to say, Perkins isn't afraid to say something that might be looked at with some suspicion.

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Kevin Durant

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